Video Listings

Vid1: Matt LauerToday Show Video
Vid2: Kylee Shea Cardiac
Arrest/Save Video
Vid3: OxySure ImpactMovie

Vid4: OxySure Model 615
Training Video

Vid5: ABC/WFAA/Channel 8
News Clip (Most Viewed!)

Vid6: OxySure Fire Test
(the product just melts in a fire)
Vid7: High School Game Time(OxySure Sports Save)
Vid8: Save at WakelandHigh School
Vid9: 2000 Saves!

Vid10: OXYS 2Q13 Earnings Call
Vid11: "Buy" target $2.10
Vid12:English, German and Dutch

Vid13: OXYS Corporate Update Featured on 

Vid14: Initiates Coverage on OxySure Systems


Vid15: The Stock Radio Interviews OxySure (OXYS) CEO, Discussing 2014 Highlights and 2015 Goals


Vid16: OxySure (OXYS) Proud Champion Sponsor Special Olympics World Games

Vid17: InvestmentPitch Media Reports on OXYS 3Q15 Financial Results