Surface Mounted Wall Box, Rolled Steel

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OxySure’s Surface mounted wall box allows for easy access and promotes awareness of availability of life saving oxygen. Because every second counts in medical emergencies, prominent, well labeled, accessible emergency oxygen could be the key in saving someone’s life. Perfect for any public access location such as corporate offices, schools, stadiums, and airports. The wall box comes with an Audible Alarm System (9-Volt Battery Operated) that will sound when door is opened. The alarm can be deactivated by key if customer does not wish to have an alarm sound when the door is opened. The rolled edge trim and white epoxy paint finish complement any décor, while offering excellent protection for the system. Mounting Hardware not included.
Product Specifications:
Height: 17.50" (44.45 cm)
Width: 17.50" (44.45 cm)
Depth: 7.00" (17.78 cm)
Cabinet Material: Steel
Weight: 20 lbs