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...the majority of sudden death in children occurs from respiratory arrest...
National Association of School Nurses
Early and aggressive oxygen therapy is considered a first line intervention for children in emergency settings in response to hypoxia or respiratory distress, regardless of etiology.
Dr. Judith Herman, PhD, R.N., Dr. Magdy Attia, MD

OxySure is already deployed in schools, school districts and colleges in over 40 states. Moreover, OxySure is used daily in saves, from asthma attacks, to athletics and everything in between. Approximately 45% of all school medical emergencies are related to asthma attacks, and it is the leading cause of absenteeism in the US. Please see the following story of Brody Justice, who was saved with OxySure:

What are the American Lung Association's guidelines regarding Asthma Emergency Protocols for Children with Asthma?

"Administer oxygen, if available, and patient is in respiratory distress" Download the guidelines here.

What are the NAEPP's guidelines regarding the management of asthma exacerbations in schools?

NAEPP is the National Asthma Education and Prevention Program: "Administer oxygen (if appropriate and available)." Download the guidelines here.

What is the National Athletic Trainers' Association (NATA) protocol regarding the management of asthma exacerbations in sports?

In February 2012 the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (“NATA”) published a new position statement and protocols for “Preventing Sudden Death in Sports.” The position statement covers 10 of the main causes of sudden death in organized sports and physical activity, including asthma and exertional sickling. The new NATA treatment protocols recommend that “supplemental oxygen should be offered to improve the athlete’s available oxygenation during asthma attacks.” The protocols further stipulate that “for breathing distress, the sports medicine team should provide supplemental oxygen to help maintain blood oxygen saturation above 92%.” Similarly, the protocols recommend that athletes with known sickle cell trait (SCT) should “…have supplemental oxygen available for training or competition…”

Does OxySure work with inhalers?

Absolutely. Some of our school district customers have already adopted standard protocols that indicate the use of OxySure combine with Epinephrine or Albuterol (or whatever is indicated on the student's chart) in an asthma exacerbation.

Has anyone ever died of an asthma attack?

Yes. According to the American Lung Association there are several thousand asthma fatalities every year. Further, asthma attacks cause immense suffering to the victims. It's like torture. One mom, who described here asthmatic son's ordeal here, said: "For nearly four hours, Sam had been in obvious distress but teachers had not recognized the severity of his condition.... His lungs would have felt like they were being dragged through his stomach. His head would have been pounding because of the lack of oxygen to his brain. And now we know it was preventable. It’s almost unbearable for me to think about that."

I am a nurse working for a school. Should I be concerned about my license in relation to using OxySure?

Some states require either: (1) A Standing Order (usually signed by the Medical Director); OR (2) A Board-approved Emergency Protocol. Many of our school/school district customers operate under one of these requisites quite successfully, and some have been doing so for several years. Nurses, Athletic Trainers and Teachers all use OxySure without issue, sometimes, on a daily basis.

Can OxySure provide examples of standing orders from other institutions that we might be able to adopt?

Absolutely yes. We have several examples available, on a no names basis. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we would be delighted to share.


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The OxySure Beacon of Safety Award is issued by OxySure to our institutional customers who implement OxySure as part of their safety protocols and framework in the organization. The goal of the award is to recognize an organization "for demonstrating a visionary commitment to community safety by implementing safe, non-compressed emergency oxygen systems in its facilities." The OxySure Beacon of Safety Award has three levels of recognition: Silver, Gold, and Platinum and certificates evidencing the grant of each award is issued to those organizations who agree to participate in the initiative.

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