OxySure is safe for RVs and Boats.... Every 34 seconds an American suffers a cardiac emergency.
St. Louis University News Release

Where will you be when disaster strikes? At sea? On a lake? Or perhaps, in an RV somewhere distant? Away from much needed, time-critical emergency care. The minutes between the onset of a medical emergency and the time help becomes available is critical. There is a golden window of opportunity within which immediate action can enhance medical outcomes significantly. Being prepared can make all the difference.

What are some of the conditions, medical emergencies or situations that OxySure can be used for?

While this list is not exhaustive, it provides some examples: Asthma attack. Cardiac arrest. Heat attack. Stroke. COPD exacerbation. Heat exhaustion. Hypoxia/altitude sickness. Migraine attacks. Poisoning/Overdose. Diabetic emergency. Smoke inhalation. Allergy attack. Seizure. Chest pain. Fainting. Dehydration. Near drowning. Hyperthermia. Injury with trauma. Burn emergency. Respiratory emergency. General medical emergency. Also, oxygen can be administered to any trauma victim to avoid shock.

Be prepared. When seconds count, and dialing 911 is not enough, you can bridge the gap with OxySure.


Have your organization protected and receive the OxySure Beacon of Safety Award.


The OxySure Beacon of Safety Award is issued by OxySure to our institutional customers who implement OxySure as part of their safety protocols and framework in the organization. The goal of the award is to recognize an organization "for demonstrating a visionary commitment to community safety by implementing safe, non-compressed emergency oxygen systems in its facilities." The OxySure Beacon of Safety Award has three levels of recognition: Silver, Gold, and Platinum and certificates evidencing the grant of each award is issued to those organizations who agree to participate in the initiative.

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