DMSASC Description

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OxyTracTM provides you with critical data before, during and after emergency events. It has the ability to track all of your AEDs, OxySure units, and other Device maintenance, renewals and incidents.




OxyTracTM - Legally Compliant and Always Ready to Respond! 

1. Is my AED, OxySure, and other Devices ready when I need it?

  • Locates all AEDs, OxySure units, and other Devices on your premises, ensuring quick access during emergency situations.
  • Stores an easy-reference personnel database, with up-to-date contact information to provide back-up help when you need it.
  • Provides all part numbers for easy ordering and maintenance.
  • Notifies relevant personnel, in advance, regarding expiration dates of all parts to make sure your AED, OxySure, and other Devices are always 100% functional and legal.
  • Sends regular email reminders, to key personnel, for all required AED, OxySure, and other Device inspections.
  • Sends reminders to all relevant personnel regarding CPR Training renewals, as required by law.

2. Crucial data must be documented during an emergency event.

  • Provides a convenient data logging feature to quickly and easily document AED, OxySure, and other Device-related incidents.
  • Includes a security login function to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to your AED, OxySure, and other device important data.

3. You may be required to provide accurate accounts of AED, OxySure, and other Device events.

  • Provides a comprehensive event-reporting feature to comply with Good Samaritan Laws and Casa Act.
  • Allows seamless transfer of data to other digital mediums. 


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