Municipalities and Swimming Pools

OxySure is safe for swimming pools.... Administer oxygen…if patient is in respiratory distress.
American Lung Association, Asthma Emergency Protocol

Civil emergencies like Hurricanes Sandy, Rita, Katrina and many others have spawned a renewed interest in enhanced emergency preparedness in a whole new way. And, the issues are not confined to the U.S. - tsunamis, earthquakes and so many other civil and natural calamities are highlighting, on a worldwide basis, the need to be vision-forward in emergency planning and preparedness.

Cities are also evaluating new tools for their planning arsenal. For example, the City of Frisco in Texas recently adopted a five-year plan to roll out the installation of AEDs and OxySure units throughout all of its municipal and community service facilities. Moreover, the OxySure products and AEDs have been integrated as part of Frisco’s SAFER Pre-Incident Planning process, which allows 911 dispatchers to route callers to the location(s) where these lifesaving devices are installed, if appropriate. The initiative also allows 911 dispatchers to instruct callers on how to deploy these life-saving products, prior to the arrival on the scene of first responders. In a civil emergency, the value of this expanded network of tools becomes clear.

Of the installations, Ron Patterson, Deputy City Manager stated: "Having these tools integrated into our emergency response system and available to those at the incident site, even prior to first responders arriving, has proven to be invaluable in saving lives."

Installations have included, but are not limited to, Public Swimming Pools, Natatorium, Senior Centers, Municipality Buildings, Courts, Soccer Stadium, Sports Complexes, Museum, Fire Station Learning Center, and so forth.

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The OxySure Beacon of Safety Award is issued by OxySure to our institutional customers who implement OxySure as part of their safety protocols and framework in the organization. The goal of the award is to recognize an organization "for demonstrating a visionary commitment to community safety by implementing safe, non-compressed emergency oxygen systems in its facilities." The OxySure Beacon of Safety Award has three levels of recognition: Silver, Gold, and Platinum and certificates evidencing the grant of each award is issued to those organizations who agree to participate in the initiative.

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