Government & Military

OxySure provides a safety net in government facilities and in certain military applications. "My task is to provide to the utmost limits of my capability the best possible care to those in need of my aid and assistance."
The Military Medic Creed

OxySure has several products on its approved GSA schedule. The OxySure Model 615 is well suited for certain combat applications and many non-combat applications. Further, OxySure is safe to deploy in all government facilities, missions, embassies and other operations.

Combat Use

Inside Tactical vehicles:
• Stryker
• Humvee
• Buffalo
• Cougar
• Tanks

Operational Bases:
• FOBs

Operational System Use

Emergency Use:
• Facilities/Buildings/Bases
• Training and Gyms
• Barracks
• Other

Onsite and Emergency Response:
• At sea
• Homeland Security
• Military Police



OxySure is Approved For Government Purchase:
–GSA: V797P-4153B
–FDA: K052396
–DUNS: 615721029
–CAGE: 54SR0
•339112 -Surgical and Medical Instrument Manufacturing
•339999 -All Other Miscellaneous Manufacturing


Have your organization protected and receive the OxySure Beacon of Safety Award.


The OxySure Beacon of Safety Award is issued by OxySure to our institutional customers who implement OxySure as part of their safety protocols and framework in the organization. The goal of the award is to recognize an organization "for demonstrating a visionary commitment to community safety by implementing safe, non-compressed emergency oxygen systems in its facilities." The OxySure Beacon of Safety Award has three levels of recognition: Silver, Gold, and Platinum and certificates evidencing the grant of each award is issued to those organizations who agree to participate in the initiative.

Are you an existing customer and want to be recognized as an OxySure Beacon of Safety? If so, please Click Here and send us your information. To view a sample certificate, please Click here: