Questions About Model 615

How much oxygen does the system provide? 
The system will provide a flow rate of 6 liters per minute for at least 15 minutes, for a minimum total of 90 liters of medically pure (USP) oxygen. Once the cartridge is spent and more oxygen is required, the cartridge is easily replaced and the process repeated, which will provide another (at least) 15 minutes of oxygen generation. 

What does medically pure (USP) mean?
USP stands for United States Pharmacopoeia. This designation means Model 615 delivers a medical grade of oxygen. 

Do I need a prescription for Model 615?
NO, Model 615 has FDA clearance for over the counter sale. You can purchase Model 615 today and have it delivered to your door. 

What is the system comprised of?
The system is comprised of a reusable outer housing and a disposable cartridge. The reusable outer housing is the reusable portion of the system and it is what is used to house and activate the cartridge. It houses the cartridge and mask when the system is not in use and facilitates delivery of the oxygen while the system is generating oxygen. The disposable cartridge is single use and is replaced after each activation. *See the product page for further details on the Housing and Cartridge. 

Does Model 615 present an explosion hazard?
NO! One of the key advantages of our proprietary "oxygen from powder" technology is safety. Model 615 does not represent any explosion hazard. 

Can I dispose of the used cartridge in regular household trash?
Yes. While the powders and the residue from the reaction are completely self-contained in the cartridge, they are completely environmentally friendly. 

What material is the cartridge housing made of?

Since the cartridge housing is made of a hard plastic, if it somehow breaks or cracks, what is the slushy substance inside?
Simply a watery salt. 

If there is accidental contact with the watery slush, what steps need to be taken?
Rinse with water. Follow medical guidance if applicable. 

Where can I find an MSDS on the product?
Please click here

What specific guidelines should I be aware of in its use?
Please read all labels and please read the Instructions for Use. PLease remember to always plug in the mask first prior to activation, and once plugged in, do not remove at all (dispose used cartrdige together with mask). Please pay attention to storage conditions and requirements. Finally, this is a lifesaving medical device so please handle with care. Somebody's life may depend on it.

What accessories are available for Model 615?
OxySure® offers the following as companion accessories to Model 615:
  • Model 615 Replacement Cartridge
  • Replacement Oxygen Mask (Adult)
  • Replacement Oxygen Mask (Child)
  • Surface Mount Wall Box, with ala3.rm (can be disabled)
*Please see individual product page for further details on each accessory.

What is the shelf life of the cartridges?
2 Years. Every cartridge is shipped with an expiry date. Immediately upon the expiry, the cartridge needs to be replaced, whether it has been used or not. Please Contact Us (or your distributor, if applicable) to replace your cartridges. 

Are there any storage conditions for Model 615?
Yes. Model 615 must be stored at room temperature (approx. 70°F through 86°F). However, Model 615 can be transported or taken to an emergency in conditions outside of this range. After use or transportation it must be returned to storage conditions asap. 

Where can I store Model 615?
We recommend our custom Display Box for easy and convenient access.

Does temperature affect the performance of Model 615?
Model 615 performs optimally if actuated while the internal components are at room temperature. However, the unit will function outside of the range. The following illustration may offer clarification on this:

Temp Range

What are some of the locations or places where I can place Model 615 into service?
OxySure's Model 615 revolutionizes the accessibility of medical oxygen by making it safe, affordable and easy to use. While this list is not comprehensive, it provides some examples of where Model 615 can be used. If you have a question about a place, use or application that is not on this list, please Email Us or call us toll-free at 1-888-7OXYSURE

Homes, Airports, Schools, Libraries, Restaurants, Commercial Buildings, High Rise Buildings, Government Buildings, Hotels, Manufacturing Facilities, Business Complexes, Shopping Malls, Swimming Pools, Military Bases/Vehicles, Oil Rigs, Health Clubs & Spas, Rec Centers, Sports Stadiums, Casinos, Doctors/Dentist offices, right next to an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), any place where a heart attack might occur, as part of a First Aid Kit, and so forth. Other examples include RVs, Boats, diving applications, and many more.


How easy is the system to use? 
OxySure® designed Model 615 so that anybody, with no prior training, who is seeing the system for the first time, could administer oxygen to someone in need. There are three simple steps that are illustrated on the top of the unit:

Ease of Actuation

See Instructional Video.

How easy is it to replace the cartridge?
The replacement cartridge was designed so that it can be easily and quickly replaced. There are three simple steps that are illustrated on the top of the unit:

Easy cartridge replacement

See Instructional Video.

How will I know there is oxygen flowing?
There are two indications of flow: (1) The bag (if applicable) on the mask will inflate; and (2) There will be an audible bubbling sound. 

How do I know whether or not the cartridge is expended?
There is a temperature indicator at the bottom of the unit, visible through small window. If a red dot is visible, then the cartridge is expended, and needs to be replaced.

Indicator to show if Cartridge is expended

Why is the unit slightly warm to the touch upon completion of the reaction?
The Model 615 generates the medically pure (USP) oxygen from a catalytic reaction, which is exothermic. The outer housing will feel slightly warm to the touch. The cartridge is well insulated for your protection. Please follow the Instructions for Use that is shipped with the product. 


What does "Bridging the Gap" mean? 
The OxySure® Model 615 allows for medical oxygen to be pre-positioned, in public places and in the home, for immediate and easy access in an emergency. The first thing that First Reponders do when they get on the scene of a medical emergency is to administer oxygen. With Model 615, a layperson (a bystander, friend or loved one) can provide oxygen while waiting for the First Responders to arrive. That bridges the time gap between the onset of the medical emergency (and calling 911) and the time the First Responders get on the scene. That time gap can be anywhere between 6 minutes and 15 minutes, depending on time of day, traffic conditions and other factors. 

Why is the gap so critical if the emergency is a cardiovascular emergency, such as for example a heart attack or stroke?
If the heart stops beating, blood flow (and therefore oxygen) stops flowing to the brain. Irreparable damage to brain tissue starts around minute 2 or minute 3 of oxygen deprivation. Therefore, a 15 minute or even a 6 minute wait for the First Responders (and the oxygen) is unacceptable, and calling 911 is no enough. Immediate application of oxygen by using a pre-positioned Model 615 will significantly improve medical outcomes in such emergencies. 

How do I know if I am at risk of a cardiovascular incident?
You need Model 615 if you are a candidate for a cardiovascular emergency (such as heart attack or stroke). If you have been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease (CVD), you are a candidate. You may also be an undiagnosed sufferer of CVD if any one or more of the following conditions apply to you:

(1) You smoke or have smoked. (2) You have high cholesterol. (3) You have a history of heart disease or stroke. (4) You tend to be or are overweight. (5) You have high blood pressure. (6) You engage in little or no exercise. (7) You are over the age of 50. (8) You abuse alcohol. (9) You suffer estrogen deficiency.

Any of the above characteristics create risk of heart attack or stroke. Other categories/situations where OxySure's Model 615 fits very well include: (1) Any trauma or casualty situation. (2) People who suffer from ashmatic attacks. (3) People who suffer allergy attacks. (4) People who are at risk of altitude-induced hypoxia. (5) People who want to increase exercise tolerance. 

In addition to cardiovascular emergencies, can the OxySure® Model 615 be used in any other types of emergencies? 
Yes. The first thing that First Reponders do when they get on the scene of a medical emergency is to administer oxygen (provided there is an airway). The "ABC’s" of EMT training are : A – Airway, B – Breathing, C- Circulation. Model 615 can be used in any medical emergency, including asthma attacks, near drownings (in public pools as well as pools at home), or administering oxygen to any trauma victim to avoid shock. OxySure’s Model 615 is the respiratory equivalent of a fire extinguisher and can be used in response to any medical emergency. Of course, the OxySure® Model 615 is not a replacement for professional emergency medical assistance - you should always call 911 for that.


What does “chemically generated” oxygen mean? 
OxySure’s Model 615 creates oxygen by a proprietary chemical reaction. Two inert powders come together to create oxygen. They do so in the presence of an accelerant. The reaction creates nothing but the oxygen molecule, and the residue (which stays behind inside the self-contained cartridge) is completely safe and environmentally friendly. 

How does OxySure® compare with a compressed oxygen tank?
Model 615 does not store oxygen in gas form. Instead, it consists of two inert powders. Only once the knob is turned does the components come together and create oxygen. As a result, there is no storage of oxygen, and the oxygen is created on demand. As a direct result, Model 615 does not store oxygen under compression, thereby eliminating the dangers traditionally associated with compressed tanks. Please see the following table for a side by side comparison:

Side by Side Comparison with Compressed Tanks

Do you have independent technology validations? 
Yes. Of course, the FDA has its own very rigorous standards that Model 615 complies to. In addition, our technology has been validated by the University of Texas and the prestigious Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio.


How do I notify OxySure if I have Feedback, a Complaint or a Comment?
For customer Feedback, Complaints and Comments, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .