Customer Awards/Recognition

OxySure has 3 ways to recognize its customers and those who promote safety and help save lives.

(1) OxySure Beacon of Safety (2) OxySure Hero Award (3) OxySure Allstar Award.

See what some of our Customers, Heroes, and Allstars saying:

We are equally grateful for the OxySure unit being available to ensure that Kylee’s quality of life is restored. Through this incident, we have become passionate advocates for the universal availability of AEDs and OxySure - wherever there are people! That means, in both public access areas and in private places.
Sheryl Shea 
mom of 13-year old Kylee Shea, cardiac arrest survivor
Your decision to invest in the Oxysure machines, and therefore in the respiratory health of our children, saved my child's life. Our family is very thankful for Scoggins and the district for making sure our children are safe!
Susan Greenwood 
Teacher and Mother
My interest in OxySure Systems was more than curiosity about a unique and remarkable scientific breakthrough, it was also based upon my experience in Law Enforcement and Homeland Security for the past forty years.

I have no doubt that OxySure Systems will result in many lives being saved in the healthcare, emergency service, safety, security and law enforcement arenas. The potential of this technology is just now being fully understood and I believe that it can become a world standard in multiple applications including aviation, mining, and off shore drilling
Oliver "Buck" Revell 
former Deputy Director of the FBI
After Saving a life
“Your product worked very well!”
Dr. Jay Morrow 
College of Dental Medicine, Midwestern University
The church building seats more than 500 people on a Sunday from kindergarten to the aged. This and a variety of other social and community activities during the week is the order of the day. As a consequence should any eventuality occur during any such activity we would be ill-equipped without the OxySure Model 615 portable emergency oxygen device.
Pastor N. E. Coetzee
My passion for this product and its need comes from personal experience. Those precious minutes waiting for EMS to arrive were the longest minutes of my life. I wish I had OxySure available then – part of me feels strongly I might have been able to make a difference in the outcome for my colleague, and possibly even saved his life. 
John B. Meyer, CFE 
Director of Convention Center Operations
North Texas Enterprise Center recognizes the graduation of Oxysure Systems Inc.
Hon. Rick Perry 
Governor of Texas
Schools, churches, industry, airlines, and sports organizations are now able to have an emergency supply of life saving oxygen immediately available in a form that is both easy to 
use and to transport. Combined with the continued increase in availability of cardiac defibrillators, the OxySure system will prove invaluable in saving lives of individuals stricken 
with sudden collapse due to cardiac or respiratory problems
Dr. James R. Winn 
former CEO of the Federation of State Medical Boards
"generate oxygen on-demand, rapidly and without heat or hazardous waste, would allow the company to enter the consumer market as both a displacement and expansion product. We also found interest and opportunity for the OxySure product platform in commercial markets such as emergency services, mining, education, government and competitive sports…all of which benefit from a safe, reliable and cost-effective emergency oxygen solution."
Larry Calton 
Executive Director of the North Texas Enterprise Center for Medical Technology
"The new CPR guidelines that emphasize only chest compressions is ideal for the Oxysure model 615."
Dr. R. Dean White 
former President of the American Board of Oral and Maxillo Facial Surgery
"eliminates the hassles and worries of making sure that tanks are filled and ready, regulators serviced, new masks on hand and all the tanks themselves having current hydrostatic tests."
17 February 2012
First Baptist Dallas