Cardiac Science, Powerheart AED G5 Auto

Product Description 
The Powerheart AED G5 Auto is the first FDA-cleared AED to combine fully automatic shock delivery, dual-language functionality, variable escalating energy and fast shock times. Patented Rescue Ready® technology self-checks critical electrical components including medical grade battery and rescue pads. The highly visible Rescue Ready indicator assures rescuers that they are retrieving a working AED.

AED Features

Easy to use.
• Fully automatic shock delivery eliminates user hesitation.
• Rescue Coach user-paced prompts guide user through each critical step of a rescue.
• Switch to an alternate language during a rescue with the push of a button.

Advanced Technology.
• Delivers post-CPR shock in as few as 10 seconds for effective therapy.
• Assesses the patient's therapy needs and delivers customized shock at an appropriate energy level.
• Enables quick transfer and review of data via USB.

Rugged and Reliable.
• Rescue Ready technology self-checks all main AED components (battery, software and pads) daily.
• The AED completes a partial charge of the high-voltage electronics weekly, and a full charge monthly.
• The revolutionary new Intellisense electrodes enable the Powerheart G5 to be the only AED to test for presence, test for function and have the intelligence to notify you 30 days prior to electrode expiration.

• 8-year warranty and 4-year full replacement guarantee on Powerheart AED G5 Intellisense batteries.

• Size (HxWxD) 3.4" x 9.0" x 11.8"

• 5.7 lbs. 


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