OxySure and Aero Healthcare Sign Agreements for Australia, New Zealand and UK and for CE Marking of OxySure Products


Frisco, Texas, USA and Sydney, Australia, March 4, 2013 – OxySure® Systems, Inc. (OTCQB: OXYS) (“OxySure,” or the “Company”), a medical device innovator of life-saving, easy-to-use emergency oxygen solutions with its “oxygen from powder” technology is pleased to announce that the Company has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Aero Health Holdings Limited (“Aero Australia”) to distribute OxySure’s products in Australia and New Zealand. Simultaneously, the Company entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Aero Healthcare Limited (“Aero UK”) to distribute OxySure’s products in the United Kingdom.PDF Version

Aero is a significant, rapidly growing manufacturer and distributor of first aid and healthcare products, including Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), with locations in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Germany and the United States. The agreements provide Aero the exclusivity to market and sell OxySure in the Australia, New Zealand and UK markets. In return, the agreements provide that Aero apply for and obtain CE Marking for OxySure’s Model 615 and related disposable cartridges, as well as approval from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), a division of the Australian Department of Health and Ageing. Aero is to pursue and obtain a TGA conformity assessment certificate and registration on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods. All applications, approvals and certifications are to be pursued and issued in the name of OxySure Systems, Inc.

The agreements also provide that Aero purchase a minimum combined quantity of 4,500 units of OxySure Model 615 during the first two years subsequent to CE Marking and TGA approval.

“Aero has been fortunate to have become one of the most significant sellers of AEDs in our markets, and the addition of OxySure to our portfolio of products is very exciting and compelling for us,” stated Tim Ovenden, Managing Director of Aero Australia. “We are rather selective of the products we take on because we put significant resources behind our go-to-market activities, and OxySure was a no-brainer for us in that regard,” he added.

Mark Gilmore, Managing Director for Aero UK stated: “Our UK regulatory team is delighted to be able to move forward with the CE Marking approval process for the OxySure products. By teaming up with OxySure, we believe we are able to serve our customers better, be more competitive and enhance our market leadership in the UK.” 

“We are pleased to be partnering with Aero, and we look forward to working with Tim, Mark and their very capable teams in serving the key Australia, New Zealand and UK markets,” stated Julian Ross, CEO of OxySure. “We are especially pleased to partner with Aero regarding the obtainment of CE Marking and TGA Approval for OxySure,” he continued.

About OxySure Systems, Inc.
OxySure Systems, Inc. (OTCQB : OXYS) is a medical technology company that focuses on the design, manufacture and distribution of specialty respiratory and medical solutions. The company pioneered a safe and easy to use solution to produce medically pure (USP) oxygen from inert powders. The company owns numerous issued patents and patents pending on this technology which makes the provision of emergency oxygen safer, more accessible and easier to use than traditional oxygen provision systems. OxySure’s products improve access to emergency oxygen that affects the survival, recovery and safety of individuals in several areas of need: (1) Public and private places and settings where medical emergencies can occur; (2) Individuals at risk for cardiac, respiratory or general medical distress needing immediate help prior to emergency medical care arrival; and (3) Those requiring immediate protection and escape from exposure situations or oxygen-deficient situations in industrial, mining, military, or other “Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health” (IDLH) environments. www.OxySure.com

About Aero Health
Aero is an international manufacturer and supplier of medical consumables, with facilities in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Germany and the United States. Products include pre-hospital emergency response products such as public access defibrillators and air rescue products. Aero brands use only the finest raw materials and are manufactured to international quality standards governed by ISO13485:2003 and never compromise performance for price advantage. Relevant quality management systems such as ISO13485:2003 and 9001:2008 are operated in each country and products are CE marked for the European market and certified as meeting the requirements of the European Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC by SGS Ltd and the TGA in their position of Notified Bodies. Ongoing product development ensures optimum performance through strict control of raw materials and the use of new technologies to bring innovative solutions to first aid and wound care. Aero Healthcare retains a fully qualified paramedic to assist in its product development and all customer contact staff are fully trained first aiders ensuring that customers receive relevant and authoritative advice at all times. Aero is committed to supporting sales through resellers and Aero provides complete marketing support including draft website pages, copy text, print quality images, product training for clients’ sales staff and ongoing promotional support.


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